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Ultrasound Institute (USI)

With the rapid advances in ultrasound technology in making machines smaller, cheaper and smarter, ultrasonography as a clinical tool could very well be the stethoscope of the future. Mobile imaging devices when used directly by physicians to immediately diagnose and treat patients can save lives and reduce the time and costs for downstream healthcare services.

We predict that the power of ultrasound as both a learning and patient safety tool as well as a diagnostic instrument will drive its rapid incorporation as an important component of undergraduate and graduate medical education.

We also believe there will be a strong demand for use of ultrasonography by practicing physicians throughout the state and across the nation. A critical step in general physician use, however, will be the availability of quality training programs.

With the above perspectives in mind, the USC School of Medicine has developed an extensive ultrasound training program with the intent of providing a series of educational programs for its medical students, medical residents, and practicing physicians in primary care from around the state, the Southeast, and globally.

Programmatic activities involving ultrasound currently underway at the USC School of Medicine are:

Funding for the USI comes from grants, gifts and endowments, as well as university support.

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