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The USI is training residents and faculty at the USC SOM Departments of Pediatrics, Family Medicine, and Internal Medicine and the McLeod Regional Medical Center’s Family Medicine Center. Training emphasizes acquisition and interpretation of images for AAA screening, , assessment of the IVC, liver, gallbladder, kidney, spleen, pancreas, and urinary bladder, four views of the heart, DVT, lung, musculoskeletal, carotid arteries, and thyroid. Participants also receive an introduction to the first and second trimester fetal wellness exams with ultrasound, FAST and EFAST ultrasound exams and ultrasound guided procedures.

McLeod Family Medicine Residents and Faculty learning to acquire and interpret four ultrasound views of the heart.

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Faculty and Residents in the USC SOM Family Medicine Department learning to use ultrasound to determine fetal wellness.

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